In the case of a deep flame

Love card - Steve Woods

There is a time that you want to cook for a loved one something that will raise deep emotions…

When specifically, this someone is so important and you just know that whatever happens in life, the flame of your love will still be there…

Then serve without hesitation:

sarmades of Siatista – stuffed cabbage leaves with minced meat, my mother’s recipe, accompanied with red, dry wine

some rosiki salata-russian salad with vegetables and mayonnaise

Komotini’s bread – bread baked in the old traditional way from the area of Komotini, North Greece

homemade profiterole in stem glasses accompanied with liasto krasi – sun kissed wine of Siatista

Such a big hit…Simply spot on!

And, of course, table for two, make sure they both come!

Ideas: The rookies in cooking, please follow a different menu for your loved ones, simple but perfect. Place a fillet of beef in a deep frying pan covered with black pepper and salt (plenty recipes are found in the Internet). Serve with green salad- watercress leaves mixed with coarse-cut lettuce and cranberries, French goat cheese into small cubes all with a dressing that looks like French dressing on top. For this salad sauce mix some olive oil, lemon and white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, put them in a jar, shake vigorously and pour over the salad just before serving. Serve the same drinks and dessert as described above.


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