Good morning

I start my blog with some hesitation but with a tremendous enthusiasm to cook and write, along with sprinkling of flavours from my kitchen, something I longed to share with others online. Who does not agree that this explosive form of communication is also perfect to be used as a new medium for cooking? Indeed, in virtual reality you can offer fast and easily any meal, you consider suitable for good friends. And this is something I really enjoy!

I will cook and Steve will draw…Steve will put his imagination and talent on paper and I in the saucepan and mainly in the oven! We will both taste and create with the food ingredients in the kitchen. In this way we will communicate with others and mostly between ourselves.

Creation, a magic word for me!

I often recall a picture in my mind: Me, in the kitchen baking, boiling, reading cooking books, cutting and copying recipes and my young daughter, watching me and once saying to me: “Now I understand, mummy, when you cook you create, this is what cooking means to you, your own creation! And I want to watch you…because you look happy, when you cook”.

I never thought that a little girl could spell out something like this…but she was so right in her observation!

Mainly, the purpose of this blog is to present what is always on my mind before a dinner gathering: a complete menu or delicious ideas for a meal that are inspired from different moments in my life but can correlate with everyone. That is, short stories of everyday warmth!

Moreover, combination of dishes, salads and desserts that I think they will be a success when presented in a social event and will contribute magically to the making of its joyous and warm atmosphere. This is always my personal mission and challenge when I enter my kitchen!

My meals will be a fusion mainly between Greek and English cuisine, in an attempt to give you a flavour of our origins and to generate various pictures.

And this because Steve has lived in England, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and now in Greece…

And I, Lena, have lived in Cyprus, England and Greece of course, leaving my prospects open for where I will cook in the future!

…Welcome to our table! …Kali orexi kai stin igeia sas!

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